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CAREERS No matter your dreams and ambitions,
Global Courier Express Shipping offers exciting career
opportunities in a truly international working environment.


Explore this site to learn more about Max Transport & Logistics Shipping culture, meet the people, see how you fit in and browse vacancies. Whether you are a generalist, a specialist, newly-graduated or highly experienced in one of our business areas.


Interested in a global career? Max Transport & Logistics Shipping has new job opportunities opening up every day. Search for them here. With offices in over 130 countries, Max Transport & Logistics Shipping has the scope to help you achieve even your most ambitious career goals


Bring the world to your workplace. From Svendborg to Sydney – whichever Max Transport & Logistics Shipping office you work in – you will feel the pride and exhilaration of working for an elite world-class brand in a truly international workplace.

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We’re the enablers of global transport and logistics, the providers of energy.

Without the industries of global transport and energy, you would not have the electronic device you are using to read this website, the shoes on your feet, or the gas that powers your car. However, as the global economy develops, so too does the need for greater levels of trade and an even larger demand on energy sources. Global Courier Express Shipping operates within both of these industries striving to continuously push boundaries and provide innovative solutions that enable our customers to grow and push industries and society forward.

On this site, you can learn more about Global Courier Express Shipping integrated transport and logistics offering and our energy businesses, what we offer, how we operate and where to find us.

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